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4 Things to do in Fort Lauderdale, FL

With great weather almost all year, it’s no wonder why Fort Lauderdale caters to tourists from across the country and world. Regardless of what your past time preferences re, Fort Lauderdale has something for you from it’s beautiful beaches to art museums and hidden gems all around town. Consider going to one or all of these the next time you are in town, and if you’re a local find a place on the list you haven’t been to and go check it out.


Fort Lauderdale Beach

This beach is one of the most popular in the state, and it’s wide range of offerings help it cater to beachgoers of all types. From here you can see some of Fort Lauderdale’s beautiful architecture while relaxing on the beach and enjoying the clear water.  If you stare long enough you might even spot a fish or two!  There’s also plenty of room to play a game of volleyball on the sand or host your very own BBQ with friends and family.  As far as beaches go, this one has what the others plus it’s own touch of Fort Lauderdale scenery, clean sand, and plenty of fun activities to do all year round.


Las Olas Beach

It’s Las Olas!  Yes, yes it is.  If you live in Fort Lauderdale or if you’re visiting you’ve most likely heard of Las Olas.  It’s packed at night, there’s traffic, but we love it!  Las Olas Beach is home to great restaurants just off the beach, awesome bars with actually good service, and of course, the beach!  Las Olas Beach is an extremely fun and inviting spot in Fort Lauderdale with plenty of eating and party opportunities, but it’s also extremely joggable, so you can get a nice workout in and then relax at a restaurant or on the beach.


Hugh Taylor Birch State Park

This 180 acre park is literally right in the middle of the city. One second you’re walking on Las Olas Beach then you make a sudden turn and just like that you’re in the park. Hugh Taylor Birch State Park is an amazing nature oasis that’s just a short drive away once you’re in Fort Lauderdale.  Enjoy hiking, canoeing, fishing, camping, sightseeing, and more in this park!


Riverwalk Fort Lauderdale

It’s all about the water in Fort Lauderdale!  Riverwalk is no exception just walking along the path you’ll spot yachts and mega yachts either docked or cruising by.  You can pass by any of the restaurants or bars for a nice treat.  Head over to Riverwalk to enjoy a nice Downtown Fort Lauderdale scenery that’s walkable, enjoyable and relaxing. Parking could be a bit of a hassle depending on the time of day, but it’s totally worth it!  Here you’ll come across great food opportunities, outdoor and indoor bars, a park, a free outdoor workout area, and you’ll get to see some amazing yachts!



And there you have it…. Four popular sightseeing opportunities for any tourist or local to enjoy in Fort Lauderdale.  While visiting our lovely city, keep in mind we have a lot more to offer than just our beaches.  We have amazing restaurants located all over the city along with amazing parks, tons of art museums, a great coffee scene, and so much more.  Feel free to share your favorite local spots with us anytime!



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